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1040 Mastery

In the 1040 Mastery training course, Timalyn gives participants the tools to not only recognize what forms they need to prepare for their clients but more importantly, the confidence to complete them with ease.


The Insurance Agent Accelerator

In the Insurance Agent Accelerator, we discuss setting realistic expectations (fixed and variable cost), paying yourself, allocating to the variables, implementing your budget, and much more.


QuickBooks and Your Business

During this interactive training, Timalyn breaks down what type of QuickBooks is the best fit for your business, the tools available to you in your QuickBooks, how to set up your account and use it efficiently. 


The Business Owner and Taxes

This interactive training is an overview of what every business owner should know starting out about the different business entity types, how they are taxed, what expenses need to be tracked, and how to track them to make tax time go as smoothly as possible. 


Timalyn S. Bowens is an Enrolled Agent, licensed through the Internal Revenue Service that works with clients and companies to increase profitability through strategic tax planning and the implementation of tax strategies through their budget.


Her solution-driven mentality has provided an incredibly successful track record not only for herself, but for the clients she works with.

Timalyn S.Bowens, EA

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