Insurance Agent Accelerator

This program is the Insurance Agent's playbook that they have been waiting for! Making sales can bring in a lot of revenue fast but do you find yourself not know how to pay yourself? Not being sure about what you can write off on your taxes) or what you how you should track it? Maybe you have the tracking down but you know if you were to get hit with chargebacks today your business would go under (Tax Resolution). How do you prepare for that? This program answers all of those questions and more!        


The program begins with a 2 hr intensive where we delve into your financial goals and desires for your business. We set your budget expectations and determine what the best way to track your business finances will be in order for you to scale your business to where you are actually getting to keep your money in your pocket without giving Uncle Sam more than his fair share. 


Clients then get access to modules that will teach them:

  • How to pay themselves 

  • How to create a realistic and manageable budget for their business 

  • How to implement their budget   

  • How to efficiently track their income and expenses with best practices

  • Clarification on when to outsource tracking your income and expenses 

  • Clarification on the best entity type for your business                                                            


Each week clients will meet with Timalyn in a group setting to answer any questions from the modules that week and also get more guidance.                               


There are 3 1-1 check-ins with Timalyn to ensure that your foundation is set for sure acceleration in your business!