Insurance Agent Accelerator

Do you have a team of motivated independent agents?


The turnover for sales is high, in 2017 the turnover rate for insurance agents was 67% according to one study. These agents reported that they were burnt out, overworked, and underpaid.


Don’t let that be the legacy of your business. Give your agents the tools they need to succeed by giving them the training they desire.



Timalyn comes in for a interactive training helping these agents identify the top policies they sell and how much they are making in their business. Once this is established Timalyn walks them through determining how many sales they need to reach their desired income in their business and then how to allocate the proper amount for expenses while making their take-home pay priority.


Participants walk away with clarity, a forecasted budget, and tools to know how to handle chargebacks, tax time, and pivot in their business. 

This session is best taught in person over the course of 2 days or virtually over 12 weeks with a focus on 12 main topics.